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“If I Had One Thousand Lives To Live”


The first time I ever heard Harold Taylor preach, I was in High school. I sat on the edge of my seat (literally) as he spoke from his heart right to mine. I remember like it was yesterday as he was talking about the ups and downs in the life of a minister.

He talked about the joyful occasions when you get to see a precious soul respond to the Lord’s invitation. Or the times when you experience the feeling of fulfillment and purpose when you are able to help a family through a time of crisis.

He spoke of times that are not so good. The times when your motives will be questioned, insults are hurled, and people who rarely are willing to put in any real work themselves criticize you because you don’t do things the “right” way.

But what I remember most about his talk was something he said at the end. He said that with all the ups and downs that come with being a preacher… “If I had one thousand lives to live, I would be a preacher in every one!” I have since heard several other great men of God make this claim.

Each time that I heard these claims, I would take a step back and say to myself “really?” in EVERY life? You wouldn’t just take one life to “live it up” trying to make as much money as you can, chasing the “dream?”

And then, I became a preacher…

I have, in my short ministry, had my fair share of ups. Where I felt un-touchable, successful, purposeful, useful, and fulfilled. I have also had my share of bone crushing lows. Where I felt as though the world around me was crashing down, where I questioned the faith that I had in so many things, and began to wonder… “Should I keep preaching?”

Sitting at home, in my favorite chair, on a Sunday evening, I reflect on those words by brother Harold Taylor and want to shout a hearty AMEN!

I sit here, mentally, physically, emotionally drained and exhausted. But so thankful that God has allowed me to be used as a servant in His kingdom. If I had one thousand lives to live… I would be a preacher in everyone!

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“I Won The Jackpot!”


It seems as though anymore, people everywhere are searching, desperately searching, for a way that they can increase their income drastically. They reason that they could enjoy life if they just had more money, less stress, fewer bills…

Well friends, I am here to tell you that I have hit the jackpot. Probably not the kind that your thinking of though…

After my son Jagger was born last Tuesday morning, the doctors discovered that he was Jaundice. We had been through this process before with our daughter Jacy. We knew we would be burning a lot of gas going to the hospital EVERYDAY to get blood work done to check his levels.

Side note: He is doing much better now (thank you for your prayers.)

During one of our visits to the hospital the four of us were walking down the hallway to where we were supposed to check in. I was carrying my beautiful daughter, and my beautiful wife was carrying our beautiful son…

As we were walking we had many stop to “oooh, an ahhh” over the clothes our daughter was wearing, and the soft baby skin of our 5 day old son. As we continued down the hallway, one man, a doctor, passed us. As he passed us, he stopped to look at our family, and he smiled at me and said “I think you are the richest man in this building”

Instantly I thought… It sure would be nice to have his salary…

Then I thought more seriously. He was right. I was the richest man in that building. No, not financially, not even close. But in all the important ways I was. I have a beautiful wife, who supports my ministry, I would be nothing without the strength that she gives me, even when she doesn’t realize it.

I have two beautiful children. What a blessing!

Psalm 127: 3- Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Parents, do we realize what a blessing our children are?

I am afraid too many parents today, lose sight of just how precious their children truly are. May we never do this.

Psalm 127:4- 4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.

Parents, how are we aiming our children?

Children are like arrows… They are weapons that can be used for God, or used for Satan. The most important thing to remember here, is that arrows fly where they are aimed. Are we aiming them in the way that God would have us to?

We are truly blessed with the children God has given us. It is my daily prayer that my family will be a family that is pleasing to God almighty. It is my hope that this is your aim as well.

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