“Why Do I Preach?”

It has been my practice since entering ministry, to continually ask myself this question. I have seen many preachers lose their passion for God, and their focus in their ministry. Some it is because their love for God may not have been what is should have been in the first place. Others, it may be … Continue reading “Why Do I Preach?”

“Get a Life!”

We have all seen it. Those times that you are watching someone drive down the road, but they are not just driving, they are swerving everywhere! Why? Because they are also busy sending a text message. We have watched as a couple (maybe even ourselves along with our spouse) are sitting in a quiet room, … Continue reading “Get a Life!”

“I Don’t Lie. I’m A Christian”

┬áIt was crunch time. I was just about to make my move, but before I did I looked my wife right in the eye (knowing she was intimidated by my go-fish expertise) and I said "Do you have any 5's?" and before she had time to respond, I said, don't lie to me! To which … Continue reading “I Don’t Lie. I’m A Christian”