“Modesty- And The Christian Heart”

  What I am about to share with you is not earth shattering. It is nothing “new” (Ecclesiastes 1:9) It is however, I believe relevant, important, and very much needed today.I began reading multiple posts/comments on post yesterday concerning modesty. The discussion was not about, but rather brought about by women’s beach volleyball in the Olympics. … Continue reading “Modesty- And The Christian Heart”

“Is Anyone “Amazed” With Your Life?”

The young man’s name was Saul. He was going about his life with a zeal and a passion for God. He was doing “everything right” by his own reckoning. One day everything changed. He saw the light (literally) and realized that his entire life, he had been doing everything wrong! Even, the things he thought … Continue reading “Is Anyone “Amazed” With Your Life?”

The Prayer That Shook Me

It was going like any other Sunday, I woke up, and had my coffee. Then our family began getting ready for worship. We made it to the building, and I taught our auditorium class, and preached the morning sermon. We had some family visiting that afternoon, and we enjoyed the company. Then it was time … Continue reading The Prayer That Shook Me