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My Challenge to Dad’s

IMG_7288  This post is meant for dad’s. That being said, I believe any parent/grandparent could benefit from this. I am just simply writing this with dad’s in mind.

Dad’s, you are so important. You are the one that shapes what your son’s think manhood looks like. You are the ones that set the standard for how women should be honored and treated for your daughters. You are the one that God has laid the responsibility on to train your children in His ways (Deut 6:6-9, Eph 6:4, Joshua 4:21).

My life is upside down at the moment. One minute I am enjoying watching a movie with my wife, the next I find it hard to breathe because my dad was the one who took me to see that movie when it first came out to theaters. One minute i’m enjoying roasting hot dogs over the fire pit with my kids, then I begin to cry as I think about all the times Dad patiently taught me how to build a fire on our camping trips. One minute i’m laughing at a joke, the next I feel like i’ve been punched in the stomach with the reality that I can’t hear my dad laugh anymore. His pure, unbridled laughter that comes from a man with tremendous Joy from his God and his family, is something I will always want to hear, “one more time.”

I miss my daddy. I miss my friend.

I am forever grateful for all of the fond memories that I have of him. I will cherish them as long as I live. Something else that I will always treasure is a letter that my dad wrote to me when I was just a baby. It is a treasure. This made me think about myself as a father. This made me think about the impact that I want to make on my children and their futures.


I want to challenge every dad to buy a notebook of sorts (The one i’m using for my son is pictured above) for each of their children. Start a journal for your children to read one day. In my journals that I have purchased for my kids I date each entry then write short letters to them. Sometimes there is an event that happens in our lives (such as the loss of my father) that I want to talk to them about, so I write it down. Sometimes there is a powerful scripture that I want to share with them along with an application, I write it down. Sometimes they make me laugh uncontrollably by their silliness, I write it down.

I plan to give my children their journals as a surprise when they are “old enough”to appreciate it and care for it. I want them to have something from me that they can cherish as much as I cherish the letter from my father.

Dad’s, we can do this. It really isn’t hard. One or two entries a week is not much to ask. I now realize that something like this could mean more to our children one day than it will ever mean to us.

If your kids are already grown, start a journal anyway. Don’t excuse yourself because your kids are “too big now.” That’s nonsense. They will enjoy the wisdom that you have at this stage in your life for as long as they live. Do it for your children. Do it for their hearts.

I am reminded of Joshua chapter 4 after Israel crossed the Jordan river with God’s help. They were commanded to collect the stones and build a tower. In verse 21 the directive was to father’s. When children ask their father’s what the stones mean, the father’s would explain to them about how God is faithful. Dad’s wouldn’t it be great if you kept a written log for your children reminding them, teaching them, and showing them of God’s faithfulness to them and their family even from the time that they were too young to remember it?

Do it for your children. Do it for you. I love you all.

in Him,

Troy Rogers

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When your compass breaks

Twenty years ago my dad took our family to Quartz Mt State Park to go camping. This wasn’t out of the norm. We frequented that location. In fact my mother made a patch to put on our camping tent that said “home away from home”, and that it was. Our family took great comfort in getting away from our routine and spending time together out in nature.

My dad woke me up early one morning and said the words I was longing to hear, “Let’s Go!”

I sprung into action. He took me climbing and hiking all over the mountains. We climbed to the top of the first mountain, then the next and the next. by the time we made it down we had to hike 4 miles back to the car. We spent the entire day hiking together, father and son. We went up this hill, over that boulder, through this cave, down this slope… I never worried about getting back to camp. I had my dad, my compass.

When I was a teenager and working with him trimming apartment complexes and I messed something up or had a problem I couldn’t figure out. It wasn’t a big deal. I had my dad to help me. When I played football and I struggled with my technique, my dad helped me. When my car broke down on the side of the road when I was driving to college, Dad rescued me. When Meagan and I married he wrote us a note reminding us that my parents and Meagan’s parents were here for us to ask advice, but decisions were to be between my wife and I. He wrote the words, “I’ll always be here when you need me.” Boy, did I abuse that 🙂

When we purchased our first house he was there to inspect it to give his opinion. He helped me replace the roof, redo some flooring, fix plumbing issues, and yes, fix my car again. When we had children he was there… I took such comfort in those words from him, “I will always be here.” I didn’t fear job changes, moves, raising teenagers, etc… I had my dad to talk to.

Four weeks ago today, I lost my compass. At least, that is initially the way I viewed it. I felt like myself 20 years ago hiking in the mountains only this time, I have no idea how to get back to camp and this time, I can’t ask dad to tell me how. Each day I long to wake up from this terrible nightmare. Only to be reminded that I am not asleep.

What I am being reminded of each day is the fact that my compass is not broken. Its not even lost. My father’s direction that he gave me was continually pointing me to the Word of God. I still have God’s Word. I still have my compass. (Psalm 119:105).

Every single day, I cry. Every single day, I hurt. Every single day I love my family more, I sing praises to my God, I rest in the knowledge that my dad is not hurting, I long to be with The Lord and my dad.

This journey is long and dark. I know that even though I am walking through this valley of death, my God is with me (Psalm 23). I think the same thoughts that King David expressed after losing his son in 2 Samuel 12. I cannot bring him back, I will go to him.

“O, Father. Help me in my weakness. Comfort me in my pain and in my fear. Lead me beside your still waters and restore my soul. I love you for who you are and for what you have done. Strengthen my resolve to live for you. Help me to honor you as my dad honored you. Thank you for my father. Thank you for taking his pain. in Jesus name, amen.”

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